1n 2018 braided wig business ranked one of the most lucrative business around the world,if you are looking to start a new business or to make extra income then look no further as jo Annis hairterprise offers wholesale services.

  • Our wholesale prices ranges from $80 to $150,you can make up to 50% to 100% profit reselling each unit.
  • minimum wholesale quantity is 10 units.
  • wholesale processing time is three weeks.
  • shipping cost depends on the number/ weight of your order.

Apart from making up to 50% to 100% profit reselling our braided units,we can also dropship for you( ship directly to your customers)which means you don’t have to worry about inventory.
*And also if your are new to wig business we will guide you through the process..

Take advantage of this great opportunity by signing up today,
All you have to do is register,registration fee is $100,this is to ensure that every one signing up for this program is serious and ready for business,the $100 will be deducted from the total amount of your order,once your signup is complete,you will be made to choose your braided styles, if your order totals $500 you will be made to pay $400 as you have already deposited $100 while signing up.

For More enquires kindly send a mail to joannishairterprise@gmail.com
Or whatsapp +2348135872531

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